About Us

EDDC launched its Fee-for-Service initiative, the EDDC Academic Research Organisation (EARO), in late 2020. This endeavour is part of EDDC’s larger goal of facilitating the translation of lab science into commercial assets in Singapore, by engaging local biotech, biopharma, and public-funded research groups.


EARO aims to drive the innovation and advancement of translational drug discovery in Singapore and to enable our scientific community to do so cost-effectively by providing access to EDDC’s specialised technologies, expertise, and connections

3 Pillars of Our Mission & Philosophy

While EARO supports projects at all stages of the drug discovery pathway, it has 3 core platforms for on-demand service.

High Throughput Screening

Screen from small focus sets to large diverse collections to rapidly identify hits for your target of interest using the only fully integrated automation platform in Singapore. 

High Throughput Phenomics

Leverage the power of imaging in your drug screening assays to measure thousands of cellular features and gain valuable insights into MoA and complex disease biology.

Compound Hub

A fully automated compound storage and management system operating at -20C houses close to 500,000 compounds from carefully curated libraries for discovery and validation drug screening.