About EARO

The Experimental Drug Development Centre (EDDC) launched its Fee-for-Service initiative, the EDDC Academic Research Organisation (EARO), in late 2020. This endeavor is part of EDDC’s larger goal of facilitating the translation of basic science into commercial assets in Singapore, by engaging local biotech & industry players and public-funded research groups.

Through EARO, the researchers in biomedical ecosystem gain access to EDDC’s scientific knowhow, advanced technology platforms, and high-quality services.

Led by scientists with decades of industry experience, EARO facilitates access to all the platforms available at EDDC for service-based engagements, but it comprises primarily of 2 core discovery platforms.

  • High Throughput Screening (HTS)
  • High Throughput Phenomics (HTP)

Overall, this initiative has provided an avenue to facilitate greater exchange of knowledge and resources among the various parties involved, resulting in potential collaborations and business partnerships.

You can engage with EARO in four ways:

An end-to-end service model for projects of all sizes – from Assay Development, Optimization, Piloting, and Execution to Final Reporting under a rigorous ISO9001 Quality System.
In this model, we provide our partners assistance in specific parts of their projects, with the partner’s staff executing part of the workflow with our guidance.
In this model, we provide visiting researchers with the necessary training to access and independently operate industry-leading high-throughput technologies at EDDC on pay-per-use basis.
Scientific consultancy by our subject-matter experts for groups who have the necessary resources but need help navigating challenges in the discovery & development process.