At EDDC’s state-of-the-art High Throughput Screening (HTS) platform,  the primary goal is to rapidly identify high-quality hit compounds, and support their optimization to patentable novel drug structures.


A team of capable and experienced scientists with a broad range of assay expertise conducts an average of 10 screening campaigns annually. Assay expertise includes:

Target Class Signal Transduction/Receptor
Bacterial Phenotypic/Whole Cell Screen Methyltransferase
Bacterial Protease Activator Kinases
Bacterial Protease Inhibitor Bacterial Methyltransferase
Zinc Finger Protein Ion Channel
Gastric Cancer Phenotypic Screen Bacterial Energy Production Pathway
Bacterial Cell Division Protein GPCR
Amino Acid Metabolism/Energy Production Protein-Protein Interaction
Signal Transduction Cyclin Dependent Kinase
Viral Target GTPase
Amino Acid Metabolism Viral Methyltransferase
  • Our fully integrated automation platform comprising of >10 instruments can provide nano- & micro-liter dispensing in 96-/384-/1536-well plates for various assay readouts in alignment with the tailored project requirements.


Our unique automation configuration can support:

  • Screening of up to 16,000 compounds per day for biochemical assays
  • Miniaturisation of bioassays for high throughput and cost reduction by reducing typical biochemical screen volumes down to 6-12 µL per well
Microplate Stacker Reagent Dispenser
Contactless Compound Spotter Microplate Washer
Tip-based Liquid Handler Mini Centrifuge
Barcode Labeller Microplate Reader
Microplate Carousel Microplate Sealer
Microplate Peeler And more…
  • The HTS workflows are complemented with in-house developed HTS & compound management programme (PharmApps) integrated with FDA-compliant HTS data analysis & storage database (IDBS ActivityBase).


EDDC’s compound collection and HTS expertise have played a pivotal role in the identification of Singapore’s 1st publicly funded anti-cancer drug, showcasing our ability to achieve remarkable results even with a collection 10 times smaller than those of major pharmaceutical companies (see below).


Discovery of WNT secretion inhibitor, ETC-159. A 225K compounds screening campaign followed by filtering through a series of specific assays led to the identification of WNT secretion inhibitors.


HTS (Publications related to screening campaigns & workflow)


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