Are all services offered at the same location?

YES! All services offered by EARO are located at Chromos in Biopolis. 


Does EARO allow equipment-only access?

YES! One can tap into EARO’s rich technologies just for equipment usage in EARO-Access mode.


Will there be any training to use EARO technologies?

EARO offers training for technologies we have listed for autonomous access.


How long does a screening project take?

Numerous factors determine a screening campaign’s throughput, including the assay type (Biochemical or Cell-based), readout type (Plate Reader-based or Image-based), signal stability, and the number of compounds to be screened.     

It would be best if you provided project details ( to advice you further.


Can I screen cells with infectious material?

EARO comprises of BSL2 certified labs, as long as the materials are certified for BSL2 it can be used for screening. However, we only allow mammalian cultures.


Who provides consumables for the screening, EARO or customer?

This can be mutually discussed and agreed upon during the Project discussion stage.

Any other services or technologies that are not listed here, please contact us at