Our Capabilities

High Throughput Screening

The role of the High Throughput Screening platform (HTS) is to identify hits or tool compounds for EDDC’s projects. This is done by screening compound libraries, ranging from small focus sets to large diverse collection of more than 350,000 curated compounds. EDDC’s HTS utilizes Singapore’s only fully integrated automation platform to achieve a fast turnaround time, allowing the screening of up to 16,000 compounds per day per project. The group is also experienced in conducting biochemical & functional cell-based assays with various assay read outs – absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence polarisation, luminescence, FRET, nanoBRET, etc.

Screens previously performed:

  • Biochemical (Kinases, Proteases, Methyltransferase, protein-protein interactions)
  • Signal transduction/Receptor (GPCR, Potassium Channel, et.)
  • Anti-infectives (virus, bacteria)
  • Cell-based assays (Wnt pathway, nano-BRET, protein degradation, etc.)

This capability is also available on a fee-for-service basis, please refer to www.earo.sg.