TTC video series

TTC Video Series – Considerations in Drug Discovery
A series of 9 videos to inform and educate scientists on the potential pitfalls in their drug discovery journey and advice how to overcome them.
Behind the scenes of one of the recording sessions with in-house experts. Our Quality Assurance colleague, Yu Lan, hosts this session with Christophe Bodenreider, Director of TTC, as he speaks about the importance of target validation in the drug discovery process.
In August 2021, EDDC recorded and compiled a 9-part eponymous video series titled “Considerations in Drug Discovery”. This consisted of interviews with various experts from EDDC, Duke-NUS Medical School, the National Cancer Centre Singapore, and a public lecture by William G. Kaelin Jr. (MD).
The series was created by the TTC coordinating team with the aim of further educating the wider community on key considerations in drug discovery and is now available on EDDC’s Youtube, LinkedIn> and website.

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