STDR Roadshow for September 2022 Grant Call

STDR Roadshow for September 2022 Grant Call
Calling all fellow drug hunters! Singapore Therapeutics Development Review’s (STDR) September grant call for Pre-Pilot Streams 1 & 2 will launch on 12 September 2022!
There will also be a roadshow on 8 September at Fusionopolis, starting at 10.30am. Consultation sessions are available during the roadshow and can be booked in advance through the registration link. Be sure to register for this event soon!
Do note that from last year, the Target Translation Consortium (TTC) merged its previous “Call for Targets” into STDR’s Pre-Pilot Stream 1. TTC now manages and works through the Pre-Pilot Stream 1 to provide funding and consultative support for preclinical validation of putative targets.
Visit the TTC’s website for more information!

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