Our Capabilities

Therapeutic Protein
& Antibody Discovery

The Therapeutic Protein & Antibody Discovery (TPAD) team is dedicated to understanding how biologic (also known as “large molecule”) therapeutics work. The team has established an industry-leading and fully integrated end-to-end drug discovery engine coupled with cutting edge technologies to identify high quality biologics with primary foci in therapeutic fusion proteins and antibodies for both therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

The scientists employ a High-Throughput Antibody Discovery (HiTAD) Platform to effectively generate, select, produce and evaluate antibody therapeutic candidates. To deliver successful bio-therapeutic projects, the team has established an optimised immunisation strategy and employed an automated single B-cell cloning methodology that enables efficient sampling of the immune B cells repertoire at the single clone level.
The team’s High-Throughput Therapeutic Protein (HTTP) platform, consists of iterative cycles of computer-aided structural rational design, plug-and-play into Fc-fusion, optimal protein expression and integrated developability assessment. The goal is to achieve good correlation between predicted design and desirable properties that increase the quality of lead therapeutic candidates, without significant experimental investment and with faster timelines.
An end-to-end biotherapeutic drug discovery workflow integrated with a data management system has enabled TPAD to provide the community with comprehensive data packages that allows for data driven decisions and a clearer focus on leads that matter clinically.