EARO Review (2020 – 2022) – A Review of EARO’s first 3 years

EARO turns 3 this year! To mark this occasion, we are excited to share the EARO Review (2020-2022)! 


EDDC launched EARO (the EDDC Academic Research Organisation) as a service initiative in mid-2020. The goal was to enable early-stage drug discovery in Singapore by creating multiple pathways for the local academic and biotech community to access our scientific infrastructure and expertise.  


As EARO celebrates its 3rd year, we created the “EARO Review (2020-2022)” to serve as a testament to all the good work and successful outcomes achieved thus far. This is a report to showcase how EARO has supported the community of Academic groups, Biotech companies and MNCs in Singapore to create a positive impact in R&D. We’ve also included some testimonials in the report from the groups EARO has served, so don’t just take our word for it!


Click here to read it in detail.

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